24th Golden Keg catalog 2018


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golden keg katalog 2018




PortoCartoonDear cartoonist friends, 

Unhook the humor to make the world better!

Make tourism, helping us to know everything we should not do. And many of us do not want to know. Make sustainable tourism, with your unsustainable humor!

If your humor is caustic and your pencils are pointing to the wounds of the world, all the universe should watch out. Nothing will be left out. Not even the ‘sustainable tourism for development’!

In the field of caricature, two great figures call for the exercise of beauty distortion.  Picasso began himself by caricaturing the world of extremely cubic shape; Guterres, with his ups and downs in politics, reaches the top of world diplomacy as a ‘long-distance runner’. Both are a pertinent pretext for a razor-sharp demonstration of the most universal language (after or before the music?).

To participate in this nineteenth edition of PortoCartoon-World Festival is to give the world a precious jewel: an opportunity to laugh and to think.

Porto, 22.11.2016

Luiz Humberto Marcos,




PortoCartoon-World Festival

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4300- 316 Porto


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