23rd Int cartoon contest Haifa 2017, Israel


Haifa MunicipalityThe Entry Form for the 23rd International cartoon contest, Haifa 2017, Israel, is attached below. Download the form to read the complete regulation.

Haifa 2017 Entry Form English




PortoCartoonDear cartoonist friends, 

Unhook the humor to make the world better!

Make tourism, helping us to know everything we should not do. And many of us do not want to know. Make sustainable tourism, with your unsustainable humor!

If your humor is caustic and your pencils are pointing to the wounds of the world, all the universe should watch out. Nothing will be left out. Not even the ‘sustainable tourism for development’!

In the field of caricature, two great figures call for the exercise of beauty distortion.  Picasso began himself by caricaturing the world of extremely cubic shape; Guterres, with his ups and downs in politics, reaches the top of world diplomacy as a ‘long-distance runner’. Both are a pertinent pretext for a razor-sharp demonstration of the most universal language (after or before the music?).

To participate in this nineteenth edition of PortoCartoon-World Festival is to give the world a precious jewel: an opportunity to laugh and to think.

Porto, 22.11.2016

Luiz Humberto Marcos,




PortoCartoon-World Festival

Museu Nacional da Imprensa

Estrada Nacional  108, nº 206

4300- 316 Porto


Tel.: +351 22 530 49 66



Regulation in languages: xixportocartoon_reg_2017 .

Cartoons Osten: Important announcement !!!


ostenDear friends cartoonists,
2015 is very important year for OSTEN, as this year we are celebrating the 70-years anniversary of its establishment (it was established 1st January 1945), while last 2014 was the 45-years anniversary of the 1st World Gallery of Cartoons (20 August 1969). These are respectful jubilees, but therefore the responsibility for running OSTEN and the World Gallery of Cartoons is huge…
Over the time, OSTEN has experienced different fortune – from being completely supported by the community and institutions, to transitional inability for realization of the basic activities. In that transitional period, from 2005 to 2008 – three editions of the World Gallery of Cartoons were not held, and that affects with disorder in the years of its organizing. That is why, the last edition of the World Gallery of Cartoons, instead of jubilee 45th, it was 42nd World Gallery of Cartoons – Skopje 2014.
Last year, 2014, on the occasion of the 45-year anniversary of the World Gallery of Cartoons, OSTEN made a resolution to organize three thematic digital cartoon competition, who will fulfill the missed editions and thus will ensure the continuity of the World Gallery of Cartoons.
That was the intention for organizing:
43rd World Gallery of Cartoons – Skopje 2014
(Digital Cartoons Competition on theme ‘Summer’)
Selector: Miroslav Georgievski Miro, Macedonia (cartoonist)
Awarded cartoonist:
Ross THOMSON, United Kingdom
Participants: http://on.fb.me/1w5HVx6
44th World Galley of Cartoons – Skopje 2014
(Digital Cartoons Competition on theme ‘Wine’)
Selector: Dragan Popovski, Macedonia (cartoonist)
Awarded cartoonists:
Doru AXINTE, Romania
Ilja KATZ, Israel
Valentin GEORGIEV, Bulgaria
Participants: http://on.fb.me/14D9uIz
45th World Gallery of Cartoons – Skopje 2014
(Digital Cartoons Competition on theme ‘Football’)
Selector: Mice Jankulovski, Macedonia (cartoonist)
Awarded cartoonists:
Seyran CAFERLI, Azerbaijan
Igor SMIRNOV, Russia
King Shan LI, China
Participants: http://on.fb.me/1Dte629.
For each edition of the World Gallery of Cartoons (Thematic Competition of Digital Cartoons), catalog will be published, where all participants of the competition will be presented. The catalog will be sent to each participant via post mail.
According to the propositions, for the awarded artists an exhibition will be organized in OSTEN Gallery Skopje.
To all cartoonists who took part on the 43rd / 44th / 45th World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje 2014
And… Follow us, other thematic competitions for digital cartoons will follow, as a counterbalance to the established proposition on the World Gallery of Cartoons from 2014 on – to be eligible only original, hand drawn cartoons, satiric drawings and comic/strips with free theme.
This year, as a result of the continual organization of the World Gallery of Cartoons from 1969, we are announcing 46th WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS Skopje 2015.
You are very welcome to take part in this prestigious event!
(the application form is attached)
With respect:
Mice JANKULOVSKI, Director

OSTEN – art on paper
World Gallery of Cartoons
8 Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
T +389 2 3213665
M +389 71 225950
E cartoons@osten.com.mk
Application Form: 46.WGC_application_ACTIVE