Results the First “Vignettes for Human Rights” International Competition


210 contestants from 47 countries submitted a total of 483 works accepted.
The three countries with more competitors are in this order: Spain (36), China (17), Turkey (16), and the rest of the countries represented, provided by number of participants: Ukraine, Argentina, Romania, Indonesia, Iran, Serbia, Poland, France, India, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, South Korea, Colombia, United-States, Brazil, Uruguay, Montenegro, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, Armenia, Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Singapore, Egypt, Australia, Thailand, Slovenia, Finland, Croatia, Cameroon, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Chile, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Mexico, Lithuania. The jury convened in February 2011 and awarded five authors.
The winners of the 1st “Vignettes for Human Rights” International Graphic Humour Contest organised by Fernando Buesa Foundation:

Francisco Pérez Villanueva – Santiago de Compostela/España.

David Vela – Zaragoza/España.
3º Olga Carmona Peral – Granada/España.
4º Jitet Kustana – Central Java/Indonesia.
5º Anne Derenne – Madrid/España.
It is possible to see these works in:


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