16th PortoCartoon Festival 2014, Portugal



Dear Cartoonist,

The water is a key to life on the planet: Living Water / Living Earth!

This is the theme of the 16th PortoCartoon-World Festival 2014.

Ecology, environmental protection, biodiversity are concepts that do not dispense the water as a central element. When we talk about water, we speak of a common heritage of mankind.

Water is becoming not only scarce, as well as the target of a global wave of privatization. All over the world, many countries are losing supremacy over the water.

Water – ‘the blue gold’ of the 21st century – is no more than merchandise on the logic of the multinationals.

The dangers are on the agenda. Many researchers and movements of active citizenship have launched the alert. All very little. The Humor ALERT is missing.

PortoCartoon 2014 also presents two special Caricature awards: Caricature Award Nelson Mandela and Caricature Award Álvaro Siza Vieira.

One to distinguish the role of Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, and the first black leader to assume the presidency of South Africa (1994-1999), after more than 25 years in prison under the apartheid regime.

The other is to celebrate the work of one of the most famous architect of our times. Álvaro Siza Vieira won more than thirty international awards, including the Pritzker Prize / Chicago (considered the “Nobel of architecture’).

We will be looking forward to receiving your most appreciated participation, with our best wishes for a 2014 full of humour,

Luís Humberto Marcos



PortoCartoon-World Festival

Portuguese Printing Press Museum

Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206

4300- 316 Porto


Tel: +351 22 530 49 66

Fax: +351 22 530 10 71



General Rules & Regulations: XVIPortoCartoon_Reg_2014 .


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